Hollow Wall Anchor Gun Wattmaster WAG-C

Hollow Wall Anchor Gun Wattmaster WAG-C

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Setting hollow wall anchors quickly & accurately. Suitable for M4-M6 hollow wall anchors. Compact pistol grip type handles. Plastic coated handles for grip and comfort. Easy to use.

Features and Benefits

The hollow metal dowel set made of anchor bolts and stainless steel dowels with mounting pliers is a must for all professionals and DIYers.
These anchor rods are used as usual in lightweight constructions made of plaster or wood. Plaster walls, plaster ceilings, lightweight wood, hollow blocks, and plasterboard are the usual materials.
You can use it to anchor your TV to a light wall to attach your satellite antenna, awnings/consoles, or grill.
Everything is quick and safe.


ISPINNER Heavy Duty Wall Anchor Gun Metal Setting Tool for Hollow Wall Anchor Plasterboard Fixing