Wattmaster Volt Stick WATVS - New

Wattmaster Volt Stick WATVS - New

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Tests for the presence of AC voltage in cables, wall sockets and switches without metal contact
Pocket sized non-contact voltage sensor with light and sound indication
Beeping sound indicates live wire
Fully insulated body and safety hand guard
Still illuminates at low battery charge; no sound means change batteries
New positive screw cap

Part No: WATVS
Description: Volt Stick
Voltage Range: 230-1000V AC
Sensitivity: Indicates within 4mm of wire carrying 230V AC
Power supply: 2 standard AAA batteries (included)
Category Rating: CAT III 1000V AC
Materials: Pa6, PP-COP
Dimensions: 146mm x 18mm
Weight: 40g

Manufacturer: Wattmaster
Manufacturer Part Number: WATVS
Shipping Dimension: 24X13X4 cm
Shipping Weight: 70 GR