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SMC KQ2U12-99A Union fittings

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Union Y KQ2U The KQ2U union Y fittings from SMC are quick and easy to install into your pneumatic fittings. These KQ2U union Y's are also more compact in design which means that these connectors can be uséd within a confined space. Union Y fittings are to uséd to connect tubing in the same direction. The new KQ2 range of products are lighter than previous models and have the advantage of improved insertion and removal forces. Can be uséd under a wide range of pressures from a low vacuum to 1MPa Low force required for fitting and removal Compact dimensions for use within smaller spaces Tube-to-Tube Fittings, Plugs, and Kits Tube-to-Tube Fittings & Plugs Sealant coated threads minimise assembly time. The fittings can be uséd on vacuum or positive pressure lines. Suitable for use with nylon, soft nylon or polyurethane tube for compressed air or water (general industry) conveyance. Maximum operating pressure 10 bar Maximum vacuum operating pressure -100kPa Proof pressure 3MPa Ambient and fluid temperature -5 to +60°C (water 0 - 40°C).

Manufacturer: SMC
Manufacturer Part Number:    KQ2U12-99A
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